Bridget Otoo savagely replies a fan who told her to stop exposing her bare chest


Ghanaian Female ace broadcaster Bridget Otto has savagely replied a tweep who tried to religiously preach to her to take off her Profile Picture since its exposing her breast to thousand of eyes to feed on

The tweep, identified as Mufasa, wrote ; “I love you but please change your profile pic. Too much exposure…. But you are the real VIM LADY….. always look up to @joyce_bawah”

Taken a bit aback, the on-screen personality ferociously replied that, she has covered her chest for the past 30 years and she believes she needs to free it for at least just a year.

My breast have been covered for three decades, they were suffocating and I decided to free them, can you let them breathe for just a year?

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