Covid-19 : Ghanaians Charge President Akufo Addo To Crack The Whip On Infected MPs


‘Close down Parliament immediately’ !!!! ACEPA demands

Ghanaians are on the neck of the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, to as matter of urgency, crack the unbiased whip on some members of Parliament who have currently tested positive for coronavirus.

The uproar follows the announcement by Speaker of parliament,  Alban Bagbin, that some lawmakers who tested positive for the virus are still entering parliament to do business.

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The Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Joseph Osei-Owusu, said this when he delivered a communication from the Speaker on the floor of Parliament Wednesday, February 3.

“Some Members of Parliament who have tested positive to COVID-19 are still coming to the Chamber.”

“The Speaker wishes to inform that if those members do not withdraw and isolate, he will be forced to publish the names of members who have tested positive in order to warn the rest of us.”

“Please, let us take this protocol seriously and let us all members who have been informed of their test results, that they have tested positive to withdraw from the precincts of Parliament, not just the Chamber.”

“Stay home and self-isolate to go through the protocol and recover before you return to the House,” he stated.

It has come to light that, some 15 MPs and 56 Parliamentary Staff workers have tested positive for the virus.

This has , however compelled most Ghanaians to stretch punishment on the victims for not adhering to the measures, hence entering parliament to do business.

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Most people are of the view that, the sudden upsurge of the virus largely stems from the camp of the government and it’s people, and that while the ordinary Ghanaian is trying to obey the safety protocols amidst arrest  by the police, some MPs and ministers of states who should have known better, have decided to disrespect the President’s order by spreading the virus across .

In an intensive interaction with people on the streets and homes by, it is clear that the masses are not too happy with the slow space at which Nana Addo is handling matters concerning covid-19 among his own people in government.

They have registered that, for a projection of a good leadership, the President must start the punishment from his own den.

The Executive Director of the Africa Center for Parliamentary Affairs, (ACEPA), Dr. Rasheed Dramani has also  suggested that ,Parliament should be closed down immediately to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among the members.

Dr. Rasheed Dramani who spoke on the 3FM Sunrise Morning Show on 92.7 Thursday, February 4, called on the leadership in the house to discipline recalcitrant MPs.

“Parliament should be shut down by now and I think the initiative by the Rt. Hon Speaker to do some form of rotation and some of the work done virtually is in the right direction.”

“There is too much indiscipline whether you are talking about absenteeism to all these things happening.”

“We keep talking about this but until somebody is made an example and we crack the whip, I don’t think the system is going to change,” he said.

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Current active cases in Ghana has ballooned to 6,086. Deaths recorded so far is 440.

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