Scam Alert! : How Star-Life Appliances Allegedly Defrauds Nana Akuffo Addo


There are a good number of reputable companies in Ghana whose brands have ben widely accepted by the people due to the integrity and loyalty they have continually preserved over these years.

However, there have been some lazy crooks who are soiling the good name of these companies on the street by defrauding innocent customers.

These confident tricksters do so by creating fake social media accounts in the name of a reputable company to defraud gullible customers of their hard earned money.

A company called Star-Life Appliances on Facebook has swindled an innocent customer, Ernest Nana Akuffo Addo, of Ghs 1,000 , in the hope of buying LG 50 inches TV.

According to the Victim, he saw the promotional advertisement on Facebook, and decided to contact them for a cool deal.

Akuffo narrated that, after his little check and intensive conversation he had through phone calls and whatsapp chats with one Mr Mark, who is in charge of distribution of  paid appliances or items, he(the victim) was convinced he was at the right place.

The Uber driver broke down in disappointment when he realized it was nothing but a scam. Thus, after he had paid Ghs 1,000 through momo to the said dealer few days ago.

Star Life Appliances, which has just 3,148 followers on Facebook happens to be a platform for scam and fraudulent act.

Read the chats below. , after chatting with the said dealer through whatsapp message , we decided to locate his office per the direction he gave us( Tema com 10, opposite high tension). Unfortunately , it never existed .

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We can loudly confirm that, Star Life Appliances on social media, with the above features is a scam… Do not fall prey to them.

Our conversation with them showed that, not only Nana Akuffo, but there are several others who have equally fallen victim to them.

Be weary of these robbers in disguise on social media… In as much as online trading is the new normal, don’t rush in purchasing items without first of all making your thorough checks.

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