COUP PLOT : Between Now And 2030, Africa Is Not Safe ; Cameroon Is Next” – Captain Smart Hints

COUP PLOT : Between Now And 2030, Africa Is Not Safe ; Cameroon Is Next” – Captain Smart Hints

Respected and Talented Radio and TV host , Captain Kwadwo Smart has hinted that Africa is far from being safe as long as Coup D’etats are concerned.

Africa has witnessed coups in terror which eventually has led to the Citizens being the major victims ..

However , the latest of Coup D’etat happened on Sunday , 5, September 2021 , where Guinean Special Forces led by Lt Col.Mamady DOUMBOUYA oust the sitting President Alpha Conde. A coup which was said to be very peaceful among all that Africa has engaged in.

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Well, according to Captain Smart, between 2021 and 2030, Africa is not safe at all.

“Between now and 2030, Africa is not a safe place. Cameroon is next in line for coup.”

Per his projections , many African Countries will from now and then run into Ghana to seek asalem due to Military takeovers and wars that will occur in some of these Countries in Africa.

The outspoken broadcaster revealed that , Cameroon will be the next Country in line to stage a Coup, which he said will happen soon.

Speaking on his Maakye program today on Onua TV/Fm, Captain warned that , anyone travelling through, or to Togo, Benin, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Algeria should be careful because these countries will soon stage coups . He stressed that “all is not well with Francophone Countries in Africa.

On this grounds, the Convenor of #FixTheCountry has urged Ghana government to task the nation Security Forces to secure it’s borders, appealing that the Chief Army Staff , Oppong Pepprah , with his good work should ensure that Ghana’s territorial zones is safe .

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